Egypt is, to me…

Egypt is, to me, a blind man standing calmly on the side of the street waiting for someone to help him cross over. Within 10 seconds, a boy ran over and held his arm to help him across the busy street. Egypt is, to me, when I was stuck in an elevator and before long […]

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The Greener Grass

The wealthy little boy sat Uncomfortable in his blazer and tie He stared miserably out of the schoolbus window His outlet into what he thought was freedom The poor boy sat In his tattered and dirtied clothes On the back of a truck He stared miserably back At the wealthy little boy Wishing to have […]

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Drifted into a dream The sea gurgling next to me like A newborn baby The dome peppered with stars, witnessed Shooting stars flirting- A rip in the canvas And another one… and another I could not help but ask To the sky: What are you?   ———————————————–   August 8, 2019 Nuweibaa, South Sinai, Egypt […]

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A Call for Pedagogical Reform

“There is a fundamental crisis in our global education system. Today’s global education systems are primarily designed in the form of disciplinary learning. This method of disciplinary learning constrains the learner into a number of commandment that must be the underlying basis and start towards analysing and examining the subject matter.”

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My Experience as a Non-Muslim of Ramadan in Egypt

Every Muslim I’ve talked to that is fasting is happily doing it for ربنا (“rabana”, our Lord), and doesn’t complain. After having studied and read about Ramadan so much, it is infinitely more rich and beautiful when witnessing it all around you, for miles and miles. About 24% of the world is Muslim, which means that a large portion of almost a fourth of the world is currently fasting. That’s something to think about.

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The Complex Nature of Arab Nationalism and Islamism in the Arab World

While the concepts of the “nation” and the “state” have long been present, the “nation-state”, is broadly agreed upon within International Relations community to have been “codified”  by the 1648 Peace of Westphalia.[1] Regardless of whether non-Western polities would have adapted the nation-state concept themselves in time, colonial powers crudely instilled the concept in the […]

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