Fire, light and clay,

One beloved above all –

Surely I suffer.

Job’s affliction – where did he find

the strength? 

My suffering,

It is God’s proof to me,

Of His existence,

Grounding me to the present,

Pulling me back from past anguish,

Nudging me in from future terrors,

To be thankful for the painless days.

The girl who cries to God,

“Let me be your mirror;

Don’t make me perfect –

Just make me clear.”

I pour

Onto my conception of


My unworthiness.


I am a journalist, story-teller, writer/editor and teacher currently residing in Cairo. After writing my novel “Fay”, I’m currently studying Ibn ‘Arabi, immersed in the world of Sufism and mystical love, and enjoying the poetry of Rumi and Shams.

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