Gulliver Travels into Cairo

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Woman angry seemingly due to photograph being taken (downtown Cairo)


A Book A Day (Book Market, Cairo)
Coptic Church “The Hanging Church” (Cairo)
The Alchemist (man and woman in a fruit store in downtown Cairo. The young boy near the left in the back recognised me from a few streets away and proceeded to excitedly wave at me. Upon further examination many months later, I noticed the woman in the photo suffers from swollen ankles.
On the outer wall of the American University of Cairo (old campus) on Muhammad Mahmoud Street, which witnessed much of the Egyptian 2011 Arab Spring near Tahrir Square. Ahmed Harara, a revolutionary who lost one eye on the 28th of January 2011, and then the other November 2011 due to the amount of face-level pellets shot by police and military.
Book Market (downtown Cairo)
Looking Directly at the Sun is Blinding due to its Powerfulness (El Shorouk, Cairo)
Blissful Simplicity (man on camel by the Giza Pyramids, Cairo)


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