God’s Knowledge

This paper examines Avicenna’s (Ibn Sina) theory of reference, and then examines Al Ghazali’s refute to this. God’s knowledge of particulars is a widely debated theory in Islamic philosophy.

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Man as a Social Political Animal

This paper examines one of the considered father’s of the current wave of Islamic fundamentalism, Sayyid Qutb, primarily his Milestones, in contrast to political philosopher Hannah Arendt- particularly her concept of plurality. The outcome shows that Sayyid Qutb’s arguments are faulty in that they are hypocritical, and furthermore, do not account for plurality, which is a necessity […]

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Big Data Analysis and Terrorism

This paper examines the discussion of the privacy-security debate. Is it a trade off? Things like the Snowden leaks and Guantanamo Bay have further catalysed this debate. Ultimately, this paper concludes that it depends on how one defines ethicality. A focus on government’s ability and tendency to exploit and dress up their actions in ethicality/for […]

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The Middle East: A Brief Analysis

Published by the RIGHTS Collective, 31 January, 2018. This article examines migration and trafficking patterns in the Middle East, and acted as an opening to the third edition at RIGHTS collective. Taking a critical turn to the often accepted push and pull factor-analysis of trafficking issues, it also introduces the main dynamics that affect migration patterns in […]

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